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With SaaS, we lock the door to keep the negative out! Software as a Service (SaaS) has become the standard for delivery of media-rich content throughout the world. Also known as "on-demand", "hosted" or "web-based" software, SaaS delivers content using applications designed to continually deliver, maintain and increase media consumption via the internet using encryption-based applications.


Originality, security, reliability and professionalism increases sales. Security with SaaS stabilizes all objectives.

Don't compete! Blaze a trail with SaaS! By the time a corporate timeline releases your project everything will be stolen, evaluated and broken down into measly "per-play" residuals. Be SaaSy! Deliver surprise and quality without losing precious money!

Social media is a major part of marketing new media experiments. Gain customers and sympathetic analog interest with simple clicks and pops.

Networking computers and media using different abstraction layers is a must to accelerate success and awareness.

Solutions to multimedia and communications problems lead to new techniques and equipment development that in turn adds new perspectives.

Strategies are developed to fold different perspectives into a cohesive whole that will minimize risk while maximizing project effectiveness.

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