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Multi-Dimensional Recording Recovered & Processed

September 21 2015

Today recovered and final processed multi-dimensional recording. It changes over time with no input ~7

SQSQUARED Flat Platform Computer Design

June 06 2013

Today SQ2 received a 13 inch tablet and a 7 inch with two sim card slots. it has been confirmed the second slot is for sim card to use tablet as a phone device . it has also been confirmed that all tablets that contain HDMI slot are capable of driving the monitors at full resolution without being plugged into an outlet for approximately 3 hours without recharging

As entertainment platforms, the prototypes shown themselves to be excellent

May 22 2013


Today SQ2 entered into an agreement to design, brand and sell new types of flat platform computers with Global Phoenix Computer

Global Phoenix Computer was quoted as saying "anything you need, we'll get it for you" <the sales guy


Global Phoenix Computer was also quoted as saying "please be advised that the following information is needed to make a wire transfer..​."  <the money guy

the first two computers are: a 1280 x 800 10 inch and  800 x 480 7 inch android devices. both sport gorgeous TFT screens and have both front and rear facing cameras

The 7 inch has two sim card slots for some strange reason ~7

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