SQSQUARED is a secure private network.


SQSQUARED provides professional social tools designed to create, capture and preserve information flowing between people and businesses that need access to terabytes of accurate information covering a variety of topics, with a particular emphasis on news, business, science, and technology.


SQSQUARED knows your revenue depends on safe, reliable and secure completion of sales transactions.


We connect your customers with our most critical applications. KNOW your transactions are safe and secure. Whether you’re buying or selling, get the security you expect plus purchase or seller protection on all eligible transactions.


SQSQUARED provides contextual, real-time communication relationship data between vendors, advertising professionals, and purchasing agents.


With SQSQUARED, you and your teams are provided with the tools you need to collaborate quickly and efficiently.  Leverage our organization’s collective expertise to make informed decisions and fulfill secure business transactions effectively that ultimately MAKES YOU MONEY.